Author Photo Copyright 2005, Sara Schaff
Author Photo Copyright 2009, Sara Schaff

Benjamin Landry is a poet currently residing in New York State with his wife, the fiction writer Sara Schaff.  He has taught English and creative writing for over a decade in the United States, Colombia and China.


  • Finalist, National Poetry Series (2022, Dis-/appear; 2012, Particle and Wave)
  • Host of VerseCurious, the podcast of new poetry reviews
  • Mercies in the American Desert published by Louisiana State University Press
  • Former Guest Poetry Editor of Saranac Review
  • Pushcart Prize Nominee (2022, 2019, 2012)
  • Recipient, 2016 Ohio Arts Council Individual Excellence Award
  • Particle and Wave published by the University of Chicago Press (Phoenix Poets Series; February, 2014)
  • Shortlisted, 2015 Believer Poetry Award (Particle and Wave)
  • Finalist, 2013-2014 James Wright Poetry Contest (“Recent Dispatch”)
  • Finalist, 2013 Joy Harjo Poetry Contest (“Night Vision”)
  • Finalist, 2013 Tupelo Quarterly Inaugural Poetry Contest (“Trusting the Senses”)
  • Finalist, 2013 Lena-Miles Wever Todd Poetry Prize (Particle and Wave)
  • Winner, 2009 Columbia Journal Poetry Contest (“We Contemplate Having a Child”)
  • Finalist, 2008 Joy Harjo Poetry Contest (“Shrike”)

17 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, Benjamin,

    I’ve enjoyed reading your work. Congratulations on being featured in today’s Poetry Daily. When will you be in Chicago next? Would love to hear you read & have you sign a copy of Particle and Wave.

    Be well,

    Richard Fox

    • Mr. Fox:

      Thanks for your kind words. I’ll be reading at the Seminary Co-Op on June 7th, but I will also read that weekend for the Printer’s Row Litfest. You can keep track of these announcements on the ‘Events’ tab on my website. I’d be happy to sign your copy, of course! Thanks for reading, and all best,


      • That’s perfect; I always attend Printer’s Row Bookfair, so I’ll check the listing for when you’ll be reading.

        Thanks for the add,


  2. AFRICAN GREY in the current New Yorker is a gorgeous poem. I have just alerted the two neighbors who own African Greys and will tell everyone else I encounter.

  3. Thank you, Benjamin, for “African Gray”
    in this weeks New Yorker.
    I lost my beloved sister last month, your
    poem was deeply meaningful for me.

  4. Benjamin, just read “African Grey” in the New Yorker, will teach it to my 7th graders for a #acesandverses project. Gorgeous! Roxanne ELA Teacher Bloomfield, New York, Film Critic on Word Press @ getroxy.xyz

  5. Hi Benjamin
    Writing from wintry northern Tasmania and have just read your beautiful and haunting poem in my latest copy of the New Yorker. We help with rescue and rehab of wildlife here, including many birds. The poem resonated with us. Thank you.

    • Lynn:

      Thanks so much for your response. I have some very fond memories of driving and hiking about Tasmania in my college days. In particular, I recall some stunning cliffs dropping into the sea. I’m so glad you enjoyed the poem.


  6. Huge congratulations on your poem in The New Yorker. My mom passed away eleven years ago and those who knew her, know why it never goes away. Her favorite was the red Cardinal, a bird
    that I rarely see but often look for . . . .

  7. Hello Benjamin, writing to thank you for a soul level reading experience… I am moved by Particle & Wave, stunning images, memories, but most of all, a gift beyond compare to my 96 year old Uncle Harry who is the Consummate Chemist- was the head of U of Miami’s Dept. of Chemistry for eons… now recently widowed from my aunt who wrote beautiful poetry about Wyoming where he still lives. I’m sending Particle and Wave to him and expect it will be especially meaningful to him. I’ll continue to watch for your work…
    Best, Lynne Olson

  8. Read about you in Michigan Difference. Any chance to get a signed copy of Particle and Wave for my poetry and chemistry-obsessed son?

    • Hi, Nancy. Thanks for your interest. Are you or your son in Ann Arbor? If so, Literati Book Store should have signed copies available. They are also active on Facebook and are quite responsive to requests. I hope this works for you. All Best, Benjamin

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