Poetry on the Screen

Ann Arbor breathes a sigh of relief this week as it once again has a downtown, brick-and-mortar, general interest bookstore, Literati.  This after a four-year drought following the closure of Shaman Drum.  The whole saga has me thinking of the culprit usually blamed for the demise of bookstores: electronic book formats.  In particular, I wonder how many of you who read poetry find poetry on a screen bearable…or even *gulp* preferable.  Does the white space feel the same?  For instance, as I read poetry, I am always conscious of the abyss (the end of the physical page!) waiting at the end of each line.  And how well does scrolling or right-clicking replace the pacing of actual page-turning?

What works for you?  Am I the only nut out there with a paper fetish?  Do you suggest I go out and buy an e-reader ASAP?


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