The following titles are available for purchase in bookstores and online:

Burn Lyrics Front CoverBurn Lyrics, Spuyten Duyvil Press, 2016 (August)

Burn Lyrics began as a remarkable urge, and it is now a spellbinding and transformative reading experience for the rest of us.” -Laura Kasischke

“Benjamin Landry’s Burn Lyrics both fleshes out the mystery of and satisfies the desires awakened by Sappho’s fragments.  We are sated at every turn.  He is a master not only of the line but also of the heart.” -A. Van Jordan

“The landscapes are so captivating, the perspectives so enticing, the emotional currents so swift and strong that you notice, only in passing, that a text you thought long dead has quickened, miraculously, into breathing, exuberant life” -Monica Youn

“At the end of this journey, the old lyric self sheds its skin and the book becomes a new self to call and return the body home.” -Craig Santos Perez


Particle and Wave CoverParticle and Wave, University of Chicago Press, 2014 (reviewed on The Volta blog)

“The poetry of everyday (and not so everyday) objects has seldom been as strikingly realized as in this exciting first collection.” -John Ashbery

” Written with gemlike precision and unfailing musicality, with exhilarating flights of imagination and gentle moments of recognition, these are poems for heart and mind in tandem, as for the particle and wave in competing theories of light.” -Linda Gregerson

“Reading the poems of Benjamin Landry’s remarkable and ambitious debut, Particle and Wave, ‘you can begin to feel / what the electron feels / in renouncing its steady orbit.’” -Angie Estes

“In Landry’s alchemical poems, one object or event quickly metamorphoses into another, mirroring the poems’ obsessions with the problems of image-making: what part of physical experience will stay, whether in words, memory, or art, in a world so transitory that we have only the trace elements of language to prove anything existed? Smart and brilliantly inventive, the poems are as malleable, and shimmering, as mercury.” -Paisley Rekdal


An Ocean Away Front CoverAn Ocean Away, iUniverse, 2006

“Engaging, naturally crafted.” -Kenneth Lincoln


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